The medical journal Retina recently released a podcast featuring research by Texas Retina Associates’ Ashkan M. Abbey, MD, on clinical outcomes and surgical technique in transconjunctival sutureless intrascleral fixation of intraocular lenses (IOLs).

This surgery is indicated for eyes that need an artificial lens but do not have adequate capsular support. The capsule of the eye is normally used to place an IOL after cataract surgery, but it can be disrupted or damaged by trauma, cataract surgery, or retina surgery. This surgery can also be useful for eyes that previously had cataract surgery but subsequently had their IOL dislocate in the eye.

Dr. Abbey’s research was the largest reported series of sutureless intrascleral fixation of intraocular lenses using trocar cannulas (a medical device) and was published in the December 2021 issue of Retina. It concluded that this technique is an effective surgical option with low complication rates. The study also recommended that  (a method using cautery to secure IOLs in eyes without capsular support) and peripheral iridotomy (a surgical procedure in which an opening is created in the iris — the colored part of the eye) be performed in all cases.

Click here to listen to the podcast or here to access the published journal article.

Dr. Abbey serves as our Director of Clinical Research for Dallas and cares for patients in our Dallas Main and Rockwall offices. You can learn more about him here.