Texas Retina Associates’ Robert C. Wang, MD, will give a presentation on “Iritis and HLA-B27” at the RheumNow Live! event this Sunday, March 21, 2021. RheumNow Live! is an on-site and virtual educational meeting created to share the latest updates in the field of rheumatology. You can learn more here.

Uveitis is a rare retinal disease where the body’s immune system attacks the eye, causing inflammation. It is classified by the location of the inflammation. If the inflammation affects the front part of the eye, it is called iritis or iridocyclitis. This is the most common type of uveitis, and, fortunately, the most easily treated. 

Iritis is associated with a genetic marker, HLA-B27. Those having this marker may be predisposed to develop a systemic arthritis such as ankylosing spondylitis, Reiter’s syndrome or psoriatic arthritis.

A sub-specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of uveitis, Dr. Wang cares for patients in our Dallas Main, Dallas North, Plano and Sherman office and also serves as Director of Clinical Research for our Plano office. You can learn more about him here.