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2024 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Eyes

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2024 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Eyes

As 2024 begins, it is the perfect time to commit to living a healthy lifestyle. Here are eight New Year’s resolutions to improve your eye health and protect your vision: 1. Schedule

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How Smoking Can Affect Your Eye Health

Today is the Great American Smokeout. Smoking remains the single largest cause of preventable disease and premature death in the United States. You probably know that smoking increases your risk of developing

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Inflammatory Eye Disease Awareness Week

Prevent Blindness has declared September 18 – 24, 2023, as Inflammatory Eye Disease Awareness Week.  There are a number of inflammatory eye conditions. The one we specialize in at Texas Retina Associates

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Dr. Wang Participated in Roundtable Discussion on XIPERE Treatment for Macular Edema Associated with Uveitis

At the most recent American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Annual Meeting in Chicago, Texas Retina Associates’ Robert Wang, MD, participated in a roundtable discussion with seven other retina specialists to share their

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May is Healthy Vision Month: Take These 10 Steps to Protect Your Eyes

The National Eye Institute has designated May as Healthy Vision Month. It is the perfect time to learn how to protect your eyes and vision, and to encourage your family members to

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Four New Clinical Trials Available at Texas Retina Associates

Our physicians remain committed to participating in ongoing retina research and providing our patients access to promising new treatment options through clinical trials. We recently opened four new clinical trials: Diabetic Macular

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Why Do You Have to Dilate My Eyes?

Your retina is located in the back of your eye. On the front of your eye, the pupil is a round black opening in the center of the iris (the colored part

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What to Expect From an Eye Injection

We know the idea of having an injection in your eye can sound scary, but for many retinal diseases, it is the only way we can deliver potentially sight-saving medicine where it

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Dr. Abbey Presents at the American Society of Retina Specialists 2022 Annual Meeting

Texas Retina Associates’ Ashkan M. Abbey, MD,  is presenting this week at the 40th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) in New York City. ASRS is the

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Dr. Wang’s Research Published in British Journal of Ophthalmology

Texas Retina Associates’ Robert C. Wang, MD, co-authored an article titled “Extension Study of the Safety and Efficacy of CLS-TA for Treatment of Macular Edema Associated with Non-infectious Uveitis (MAGNOLIA)” in the

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