Rene Y. Choi, MD, PhD, published an article titled “Noninfectious Uveitis in Pregnancy” in the February 18, 2021 issue of Retina Specialist. 

A rare disease, uveitis is inflammation of the “uvea” or middle layer of the eye. However, it is commonly used to refer to any inflammation of the eye. In this article, Dr. Choi discusses what is known about the course of uveitis during pregnancy as well as management options and treatment approaches that take into consideration avoiding harm to the mother and the fetus.

You can read Dr. Choi’s full article here.

A board-certified ophthalmologist and retina specialist, Dr. Choi joined Texas Retina Associates in 2020 and cares for patients in our Dallas Main, Denton, Rockwall and Fort Worth offices. You can learn more about him here.