We are continuing to celebrate our team members who have served Texas Retina for 20 years or more. Today we recognize Alex Paz, who joined Texas Retina in 1995 and currently serves as a Surgical Coordinator in our Plano office.

Throughout her time at Texas Retina, Alex has served in many roles. She started in medical records and fondly remembers organizing patient charts for the upcoming day, working with Dr. Vaiser, Dr. Fish, Dr. Dwain Fuller, Dr. Snyder, Dr. Jost, Dr. Hutton and Dr. Anand. She then worked the front desk and enjoyed answering the phones and making appointments for the same patients that she would later work up and get ready for the physicians when she moved into patient care.

“Those days were some of my most memorable times here at Texas Retina,” recalls Alex. “I enjoyed interacting with the patients, calling them into the rooms and listening to the doctors explain the diagnosis and treatment. I gained great knowledge from listening and working alongside the doctors in the exam room, especially Dr. Fish. I learned about macular degeneration, macular holes and puckers, retinal detachments, and diabetic retinopathy.”

Alex also learned about retinoblastoma from her work with Dr. Spencer, who many years later operated on her husbands eyes.

“We will always be grateful for him,” says Alex. “My husband now has the privilege to see Dr. Coors and feels lucky to have met me, and as a result, have guidance to the best retina group in Texas. I love working with specialty-trained physicians who provide hope and the gift of sight.”

Since Alex first joined the practice nearly 30 years ago, she has also witnessed significant advances in the diagnosis and care of retinal diseases.

“I was here before the OCT machine and all the medications that now help prevent blindness,” shares Alex. “We have come a long way, and Im enjoying the ride and every stop on this journey with my second family. These days you can find me scheduling surgeries, and I hope not to have to schedule yours, but if I do, know that I will do it with a genuine heart and kindness — the same I have received from all my years at Texas Retina.”

Thank you, Alex, for your service to Texas Retinas physicians and patients. You are indeed an important part of the Texas Retina family, and we are so grateful for you!