We are continuing to celebrate our team members who have been a part of the Texas Retina family for 20 years or more. Today we recognize Senior Surgical Technologist Jose J. Guzman who joined Texas Retina in 1992 and helps care for our surgical patients in Dallas.

Jose was working for Presbyterian Hospital when he was called in to help start a surgical case for Texas Retina founder Albert Vaiser, MD, because a nurse was running late. A few months later, another nurse encouraged Jose to join the practice and take on the challenge of learning and assisting with retina cases. He accepted and began his long career with our practice.

Retina surgical equipment and technology has continued to evolve over the years, and Jose likes working alongside the physicians and learning the new techniques and methods.

“The most important thing for me is the doctors,” shares Jose. “I enjoy working with them and the way Texas Retina feels like family. I was privileged to work with the founders of the practice — Dr. Vaiser, Dr. Snyder, Dr. Hutton, Dr. Dwain Fuller, Dr. Spencer and Dr. Jost. They taught me retina surgery and challenged me to be the best. And I continue to learn from the new generation of physicians who serve our practice today. I’m proud of all of them and so grateful for the opportunity to work with this group.”

Thank you, Jose, for more than 32 years of service to Texas Retina’s physicians and patients. Your long career has been a significant achievement, and we are so grateful for you!