Last month, Texas Retina Associates’ Nikisha Kothari, MD, presented on the medical and surgical management of macular holes at the EnVision Summit Ophthalmology 2023. A macular hole is a small gap that opens in the macula, the central area of the retina responsible for the sharp, central vision required for reading, driving and seeing fine detail.

The EnVision Summit is an annual multi-specialty ophthalmology meeting created by physicians to support and empower women leaders in medicine, providing opportunities to meet and discuss issues of clinical importance, develop mentoring relationships and facilitate collaborations for research investigations. Dr. Kothari’s presentation highlighted the role of eye drops in the medical management of macular holes as well as different surgical techniques that can be used to help close large and recurrent macular holes.

Dr. Kothari cares for patients in our Grapevine, Arlington and Mansfield offices. You can learn more about her here.