Texas Retina Associates’ Gary Edd Fish, MD, was honored for his years of medical mission work by HELPS International at their annual Mariposa Gala this past Saturday. HELPS International is a nonprofit organization that organizes volunteer teams to travel to Guatemala to fill healthcare gaps in underserved, rural areas. 

Nearly every year for the past 36 years, Dr. Fish has traveled multiple times to Central America and the Caribbean to offer urgently needed medical care. He was first introduced to HELPS by one of the founders of Texas Retina Associates and soon after, became a loyal and key member of HELPS’ San Antonio Guatemala Endeavor medical team, also known as SAGE. 

Since 2008, Dr. Fish has joined HELPS for 11 medical mission trips, positively impacting thousands of lives. He has also sponsored Texas Retina Associates’ staff as well as students from Texas Tech University to join him on these trips. Most recently, in July, he and his ophthalmology team saw 753 patients in just five days. The team’s work not only gives patients sight, it gives them hope, independence, and the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.