A New Model for Medical Research Takes Root in Dallas

“In our field, there are so many unmet needs, and as a physician, one of the most frustrating things is to have to tell a patient there is nothing we can do. Now we have a facility right here in Dallas that allows us to push the envelope on our knowledge and understanding of retina diseases, as well as how to treat those conditions in the most efficient manner.”

– Karl Csaky, M.D., Ph.D, Texas Retina Vitreoretinal Specialist, T. Boone Pickens Senior Scientist and Director of the Molecular Ophthalmology Laboratory at Retina Foundation of the Southwest.

Even though Texas Retina Associates and the Retina Foundation of the Southwest are separate organizations with separate doors, leaders of both have shared close ties for years, and in 2013, opened new state-of-the-art offices under the same roof at 9600 N. Central Expressway, at the southeast corner of N. Central Expressway and Walnut Hill Lane in Central Dallas.

The goal of sharing this recently renovated building is to provide our patients with more immediate, expanded and direct access to breakthrough treatments and clinical trials. These new offices were custom-designed for optimal patient care and research utility, allowing our two organizations to work more collaboratively and efficiently, attracting additional research studies to the Dallas community, especially from pharmaceutical companies developing promising new treatments. We can more quickly and easily translate research from the lab to patient care.

At Texas Retina, we will continue to raise the bar for eye research to better understand the diseases that rob too many of our patients of their vision, and ultimately, we hope to uncover new, sight-saving treatments.